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Network Setup

Starfire Information Technologies has the experience needed to minimize the hassle involved in upgrading your computer equipment. Let us pick the best equipment for you, or provide us with your new purchase. We will install and configure your new hardware the way you need it. Whether you are eager to use your new digital camera or scanner, or are looking to upgrade the memory and hard drives throughout the office, we will get you up and running.

Hardware Install
 Memory Only


Peripheral Install


Custom PCs

Starfire Information Technologies can build you the computer you need using the latest technology that fits the budget you decide. Let us configure a PC for you, or specify what you want down to the screws. Whether you need a PC to surf the Internet with, a CAD or Graphics workhorse, or a home server, we will work with you to build you the best PC available.

Cost + $100

All prices listed do not include the purchase of software, software licences or special hardware.