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PC Setup and Maintenance

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PC Setup

Everyone smiles when they open up the boxes their PC come in. They they see the wires, the poster-sized "quick" setup guide, and the... what is that? Whether it is your family PC, or one of many new computers for the office, Starfire Information Technologies will have you plugged in and running quickly.


PC Tune Up

Remember how sleek and fast your computer was when you first booted it up? So do we. Let us replace slugish with slick by diagnosing bottle-necks and tweaking your settings.


Software Installation

We know your time is valuable. Starfire Information Technologies can install and configure your software for you, letting you get straight to the good part.


Operating System Installation

Upgrading to the newest version of Windows or altering your Linux distribution requires long periods of attention after researching hardware compatabilities. Trust our expertise to monitor the installation or upgrade of your operating system. We ensure your computer's foundation is setup properly.


Virus Diagnostic and Repair

New viruses threaten your privacy and performance every day. Starfire Information Technologies will remove the problem gently and quickly. All of your data will be backed up, ensuring all of your files are safe.


Automated Backup Config

Ensure your files and system configuration are safe with no effort by letting us create an periodic automated backup of your computer.


Data Recovery

Recover lost files after OS corruption, accidental deletion or complete hard drive crash.


All prices listed do not include the purchase of software, software licences or special hardware.